Pricelis Perraux is a 2011 DANR Youth Fellow and is currently undertaking a Fundraising project to help fund her trip to Indonesia for Summer 2012. There she will be volunteering at an orphanage for five weeks. In order to make this trip possible, Pricelis needs to fundraise $5,100.

To learn more about her trip, and how you can help please visit

Below is more information about Pricelis.

A little information about myself: I’m a Senior at CUNY City College of New York. I’m have been and am currently involved in several community service programs. My major is English Education with a minor in Public Policy. I’m currently in the process of applying to grad school for Child/Adolescent Developmental Psychology for Fall 2012. I have traveled to India, Dominican Republic, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Mexico, Bahamas, Greece, Turkey, Morocco, Canada, and Egypt. I’ve also been to many places across the country, such as, Hawaii, Louisiana, Florida, Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and California. Some of these trips have been for pleasure and others have been for study abroad and volunteer work. I enjoy reading poetry, playing with my adorable Shiba Inu (my dog) “G”, and doing new and exciting things. I am really hoping to go to Indonesia or Brazil next summer because after that I will be dedicating my time to working full-time (hopefully with children/adolescents), attending graduate school, or doing fellowships, and that won’t give me the time I want to travel and learn about social change and educational development abroad (first hand at least).


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